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Soul Wellness Love & Client Gratitude

Here’s what some of my clients have said about working together…


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s session. As you know I’ve had some big balances before, but clearly that was massively significant! And so needed. I feel much more in tune with myself and my story – ‘soul memory’ – and my symbols feel like they’re supporting whatever lies ahead in my life. Powerful stuff, and something I’m sure I’ll continue to work through and with going forward.”

 Diana McDonald, Health & Happiness Coach


“I’ve worked with Melissa in person and via Skype for over a year and in that time she has facilitated enormous growth and healing. Using gentle enquiry, steady compassion, kinesiology and meditative healing, Melissa has guided me to safely explore, uncover and heal parts of my self I didn’t even know I had.

Her presence, wisdom and commitment to walking the path herself have assisted me to move beyond intellectualising healing, to actually embodying the feminine. The manifestations of this work have been many – from actualising my potential and aligning my work with my soul’s purpose, to supporting my wellbeing, to healing the mother wound, to learning to trust my intuition and owning my unique gifts.

Each session Melissa invites me to go deeper and each time we speak I can feel myself moving closer to a life lived in alignment. Melissa tells me what I need to hear, when I need to hear it – and supports, above all, empowerment, wisdom and growth through her healing work.”

– Meg Berryman,


“Leading up to my sessions with Mel I had been doing a lot of my own healing work but was still feeling exhausted, stuck in old patterns, and frustrated. Acknowledging that I needed some outside help, I reached out to Mel for guidance – a decision that changed my life in miraculous ways. Mel uses her keen sense of intuition and skill to get right to the root of your issues while lovingly guiding you through releasing them. Since working with Mel I’ve gained a deeper sense of clarity, freedom, joy and energy back in my life. I’m so grateful for the power of technology and its ability to connect me across the world to Mel and her powerful Kinesiology sessions. Thank you, Mel, for holding the space that you do.”

– Rachel Germann (Bjorson), Energy Healer and Intuitive Soul Coach


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“The kinesiology session with Melissa left me feeling clear and re-energised. I’m more committed to myself and am taking simple but profound actions that are in alignment with my true self. It feels fantastic. Melissa is wise, insightful and holds space like a pro. It was so easy to do everything across Skype. Book in with her now! You’ll be so glad you did.”

– Tahlee Rouillon, Music Composer and Creator of Sonesence


“Feeling a million times better after my awesome kinesiology session with Mel this afternoon. So much lighter and clearer! The mental and emotional fog has lifted. Woot! <3”

– Sara Brooke, The Space In Between.


“Thank-you so much for all of the amazing kinesiology sessions we’ve had. Last night we really achieved something that I’ve been praying for, and I’ve come so far since the day we met. You are a beautiful soul, and I am incredibly grateful that I’ve got you on my team. Love you to bits xx”

– Angie Fraser-Parle


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“Before my sessions with Mel, I was extremely anxious and emotionally and mentally drained. The internal shifts I experienced during and after my kinesiology balance were incredible. Clarity, inner peace and no more anxiety. I walked away feeling grounded and like my old self again.”

– Kate McGregor


“In our first kinesiology session I remember having a few doubts, thinking that Mel was so young and, wondering if this was going to work for me.  That all changed as soon as Melissa started working. She is intuitive, confident, very clear & concise in the information she gives. She’s also amazingly wise.

Her passion and dedication to her work is palpable.  She’s vibrant,  works quickly and definitively, managing to achieve so much and go so much deeper than in my previous kinesiology sessions with others.  What I get from her balances is worth so much.

I book in to see Melissa as soon as I can because I know without any doubt that after a session with her, I will leave feeling completely different. My body is always calmer, my mind less foggy and I feel deeply grounded and connected to the earth and to myself.

After 20 years of feeling lost, confused and out of step with life, I finally feel like I’m coming home to myself. I used to read testimonials of clients who got “amazing” and “life changing” results and think ‘why can’t that happen to me?’ If I look back now after almost a year and compare where I was when I first started with Melissa,  the transformation in myself and my life has been pretty amazing.

I am so grateful for her influence in my life and for kinesiology. I feel like I was ‘divinely led’ to her, and maybe, if you’re reading this and you’re ready, you’re being led too.”

– Paula Bennett, Speech Pathologist


“Before booking my first kinesiology balance, I was a bit nervous about what exactly to expect! I didn’t know very much about kinesiology, and I thought it might be a bit too ‘new-agey’ for my tastes.

Mel made it really easy to relax & trust her while she conducted the balance, and my initial trepidation dissolved quickly when I immediately felt results! I walked in with a headache, and walked out feeling calm & light. Since beginning regular balances (I have one about every 5 weeks), I have a lot more energy, focus and confidence.

I feel a lot stronger mentally and more connected emotionally, my relationships have improved, I’m listening to my intuition a lot more, and my ability to communicate freely & express myself has increased, without fear of emotional ‘weakness’.

Mel has just the right amount of empathy and gentleness, but she’s definitely able to give me a push if I need it! I feel like I can trust her implicitly and she always seems to know exactly what I need – even when I don’t.

I would recommend Mel’s kinesiology services to anyone who is looking to reconnect with themselves. I’ve learnt so much about myself, my emotional capacity has expanded greatly, and I’m finally able to accept who I am.”

– Kyla Shearer, OH&S + HR Coordinator


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“I was referred to Melissa by a friend, who had gotten great benefits from her sessions, and I was curious about how Kinesiology worked.  I was willing to give it a go as I hadn’t received the results I wanted with other ‘therapies’ etc and I certainly was not happy at the time, so I wanted to address that and other issues.

Since having balances with Melissa, I definitely listen to my body and intuition more.  It’s also helped to cement my belief and trust in the Universe, and to not worry so much about things, as they will work out the way they are supposed to. I have made so much progress in my connection to self and as a result everything in my life has changed for the better.

Melissa, you’re completely trustworthy, I feel very comfortable around you, you’re very professional, caring and I feel you really listen. Plus, I enjoy your company, which is great!

I’ve had great results and benefits from your practice & I would completely recommend Kinesiology because it gets to the heart of the issue. Kinesiology is deeply healing, and the body provides the remedy. I love your work Melissa!”

– Cecilia Gardiner, Artist


“I have always been interested in finding ways to help my spiritual growth and keeping well in my physical body. When I decided to have a year in Melbourne, I wondered if I would find someone who could help me to continue this practice.  I was lucky enough to encounter Mel through my job.

Something on her website resonated with me and instead of phoning her, I decided to go along and meet her to arrange an appointment for a consultation.  I am always a little bit hesitant to go to new practitioners (as I have been seeing a lady for about 12 years) and every time I see another, I feel like I have to go back to the beginning with them – which always seems so tedious.  But not with Mel – we just got on with the job at hand! She’s professional & caring, has experience to draw from, focuses completely on you, and – she makes you feel that you are not alone.

I like her practicalness (if this is a word!) and  I always leave her space feeling wonderfully refreshed, recharged, with a feeling of completeness and I’m always excited the morning I am due to see her!  With our busy lives, we sometimes go and get a massage or do something nice for the body, but seeing Mel is soothing for the soul”

– Tracey Sullivan, Melbourne City Council – Property Services & Corporate Business Branch, Melbourne.


“Thank you very much for all of the Kinesiology sessions – I’ve noticed a profound change in the last few days & it’s all going really really well! It’s quite facinating actually… Thanks again!”

– G.George, Hospitality


“I was uncertain what to expect, but your open and approachable attitude towards introducing the concepts you worked with made me feel very comfortable, reassured and relaxed. I definitely felt a positive outcome and felt more focused in my immediate goals & purpose”

– S. Galbaly, Tour Guide


“Mel, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I have been feeling really solid since our consult. From basically the next day on I felt like my old self and much more confident, which is great. Thanks again!”

– E.Waller, Portfolio Analyst

“What you did made me feel like everything was suddenly ok…”

– H.Smith, Publishing


“Thanks so much for the session the other day and for your lovely guidance. You’re an amazing person”

– M. Antal, Art Therapist


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Melissa xx








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