Womb Blessing Gathering


Dear Sisters,

You’re invited to the

Womb Blessing Gathering of Women

– An intimate gathering of women in support of one another.


At this ceremonial gathering, you are invited to connect with your sacred centre; your womb/womb space.

I will guide you through practices that will enliven and awaken you to your life-force power as woman, and facilitate your re-connection and deepening connection with Mother Earth.

You will also receive the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki; an initiation of re-connection with a lineage of women who have come before you, awakening your remembering of the ancient ways of the medicine woman.

All women are welcome. 


The deeper intention for this gathering is for you to:

// Be held as you commune with your womb or womb space

// Heal what no longer serves and supports the expression of your deeply powerful feminine nature

// Activate connection to the lineage of women and ancestors who have come before you, so you may awaken and know how truly supported you truly are

// Awaken and claim medicine gifts for the empowerment of your life


As mentioned above, you will also receive the 13th Rite of The Munay-ki, The Rite of The Womb; an energetic transmission which acts as a blessing for all women, intended to heal your personal womb, the collective womb of womankind, and the womb of Mother Earth.

This Womb Blessing Gathering is an opportunity to heal emotional wounds and suppressive imprints of the unconscious feminine (for example: comparison, separation, jealously, control, manipulation, shame and abandonment), so you come to know authentic personal power and liberation, and so we may collectively support and uplift one another instead.

This Womb Blessing Gathering is an opportunity to come into the beauty and truth of who you are.

When women collectively come together in unconditional love and support – magic happens.

Empowered women create empowered communities and collectively we all thrive.


During the Womb Blessing Gathering You Will

// Explore elemental and shamanic medicine practices

// Be guided through movement, visualisation, writing and creative practices to unlock the layers of medicine and magic within your womb space, giving voice to the depth of your feminine wisdom and nature.

// Learn simple practices you can replicate at home, to nourish and blossom your connection with your womb, and cultivate your life-force energy.


An Important Note on the Practices I Share

The practices I share at the Womb Blessing Gathering are practices I’ve experienced for myself, shared by teachers I’ve had the privilege of working with, as well as processes I’ve intuited as I’ve travelled my own womb healing journey.

All of the processes I share are ones that have personally brought deep healing and tremendous power to my life.

This is why I share them at the Womb Blessing Gatherings; so that all women can grow and evolve through the power of the practices – because this is the ultimate point of the work.

As such, when you attend the Womb Blessing Gathering, you may be guided through a practice that feels similar or the same to one you’ve experienced before.

The intention of the practice (the energetic fuel behind the process) will be unique to calling in the wisdom of your ancestors, and creating much needed healing of your womb or womb space, and the collective feminine.

My core focus at the gathering is to provide a supportive space for women to do their work, specific to the healing and support required at that moment in time.


Why I Focus On Womb Healing & Blessing In My Work

My journey with my womb really started when I was eight years old and my menstrual cycle began; at catholic school, totally unprepared, and unsure of what the blood on my school dress actually was.

Years later, I developed consistent and severe stabbing pains within my uterus and vagina, and no medical reason was found. Two years later, I received a CIN2 result, which lead to the laser removal of cells from my cervix. And a few years later I learned that I’d developed fibroids in my uterus, and after another year of extreme symptoms, they were eventually surgically removed.

This is also the moment in time where I discovered Kinesiology, ventured into a whole new world of healing, and learned that my body had been communicating with me all along.

My journey into my womb has taken me into the Mother-Wound, Father-Wound, the collective imprints of Womankind, and called me to assess my personal boundaries, relationship with power, how I give and receive love, and how I create my life.

As a result, my connection with my body, life and intuition is a lot healthier, my relationship with my menstrual cycle is much more easeful and respectful, my sense of authentic personal power and worth is greater, and I’ve been able to heal important birth-family relationships, for which I’m entirely grateful.


Womb Blessing Gathering is For All Women Who

// Feel resonant or resistant; a deep intuitive call that may extend beyond reason.

// Want a supportive space where they can be held, to continue with the evolutionary womb healing work they’ve already begun.

// Want to experience the deep beauty, radiance and power that comes when you’re in communion with your womb.

// Are ready to release old stories of pain and shame, heal layers of ancestral feminine wounding, and activate the sacred fire within.

// Often hold space for others in life, and want instead to receive support and be held in sacred space.

// Are ready to receive more: support, freedom, creative energy, clarity, prosperity and abundance.

// Desire to connect and share sacred space with other women who are on the path of their divine feminine womanhood.


Gathering Details + Booking



Date: Wednesday 14th of March, 2018

Time: 7pm – 9.30pm

Location: Natural Forces, (Shop) 151 Ormond Road, Elwood.

Group Size: This intimate gathering is limited to 8 women.

Investment: $70.00

Womb Blessing Tea and Womb Blessing Essential Oil will also be available throughout the gathering, to provide additional support and nourishment.

Booking: Payment below confirms your place at the Womb Blessing Gathering.



I’m pregnant. Is the Womb Blessing Gathering safe for my child?

Yes. The healing processes I’ll guide you through support nourishment in all ways, and the Rite of The Womb becomes a blessing for both mother and child.


Are children able to receive the Rite of the womb?

Girls above the age of 7 are welcome to receive the Rite of The Womb, however the processes we practice before receiving the rite may not be suitable. If you’d like a child in your care to receive the Rite of The Womb, please contact me directly to arrange an alternative time, or wait until after you’ve received the Rite and you’ll be able to pass it on to her yourself.


I’ve had a hysterectomy and no longer have a physical womb. Will the gathering be helpful for me?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst you may not have the physical uterus, you still have the incredibly powerful energetic imprint of your womb.

It is of utmost importance that you call her in close to you rather than disconnect, and claim power, wisdom and receive blessings.

This is also true if you’ve had ovaries or fallopian tubes removed.

Each element of you carries and holds infinite energetic power, which (when tended to) flows to nourish you from within and spill over into your life. The more you connect and nourish your entire womb space area, the more you’ll notice deep transformation in how you relate to the world around you.


I’ve already received the 13th Rite of The Munay-Ki, though feel called to be at the gathering. Will it benefit me to come along? 


If you’ve attended one of the Womb Blessing Gatherings I’ve facilitated in the past, or have received the 13th Rite of The Munay-Ki before, and are feeling called to come to the next gathering, listen to the call within.

The practices you’ll be guided through at the gathering will be deeply healing and nurturing, plus re-receving the Rite of The Womb is one of the ways you help to strengthen and nurture the seed of the Munay-Ki (energy of love) within you.


I’ve already attended one of your other Womb Blessing Gatherings. Will it benefit me to come along more than once?

Yes. As you cultivate a regular personal Womb Blessing practice, you’ll discover that your womb really is evolutionary in nature, and there are many layers of truth and insight that present themselves to you when you check in with simple processes.

During the Womb Blessing Gathering, I share simple practices that you can bring into your own personal practice at home. There may be practices I repeat at each Womb Blessing Gathering, which will serve to deepen your awareness that comes during those particular practices.


For all other questions and enquiries, email me via: melissa@soulwellness.com.au, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa x

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