Shamanic Kinesiology

Shamanic Kinesiology is my personal practice, weaving together my experience as a Holistic Kinesiologist, with the Core Shamanic and Earth Centred practices I’ve come to embody, working with various teachers and guides.

The powerful blending of these practices provides a spherical, soul-centric view of healing, with a core focus on personal growth and expansion.

Shamanic practice is known to be the first spiritual practice of humanity, with traditions, ritual, ceremony and teachings that can be traced back for tens of thousands of years, in every culture and continent throughout the world.

Holistic Kinesiology is a complimentary health and healing modality, based on the principles of anatomy & physiology, vibrational medicine, metaphysics, T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Chakra System.

This energy based practice works directly with your physical body to activate healing, awaken self-awareness, and enhance alignment with your powerful heart: the seat of your soul.

If you find yourself saying “I feel stuck” or “I feel overwhelmed”, have noticed that your life doesn’t seem to fit you any more, and are ready for the next step; you are who I work with.


Working Together with Shamanic Kinesiology

Shamanic Kinesiology is helpful if you’re feeling flat, stagnant, disconnected from your body, creatively cut off, or ready for growth and the next step in your life.


Healing Sessions Help With

//Anxiety, overwhelm and depression.

// Healing through trauma, grief and shock.

// Abnormal menstrual cycles – and associated feelings of being burdened, dis-empowered by your womanhood and disconnected from your womb space.

// Grounding and Integration – if you’ve recently received an energetic transmission and/or healing, it is imperative that you integrate through your body, and also ground the energy of your healing into Mother Earth. This will allow you to experience your growth and healing in more potent and beneficial ways, rather than the energy remaining stuck at the mental level – where you may become overly analytical or critical of your experience, or at the level of your heart – where you may become overwhelmed or overly emotional about your experience.

// Communication – learning how to consciously communicate with yourself, others, and the natural world around you is imperative for embodying and living a soul-aligned life. Through conscious communication, you build your awareness and your sense of self, and are able to move through your life with more ease.

// Authentic Power and Self-Worth – often our power is trapped within the stories and experiences of the past. Through various techniques, these patterns are identified and healed, so that you may experience increasing levels of personal-power, value and worth.

// Sleep – disorders, fatigue, lethargy, and a general lack of energy and motivation.

// Physical pain – physical pain (chronic or acute) is symptomatic of blocked energy that requires attention to enable it to flow, particularly if there has been no obvious injury or physical break. Over the years I’ve worked with many people (mostly men) who have experienced chronic pain, and through addressing the emotional, ancestral and familial patterns of pain, they’ve experienced relief from pain and as a result, more freedom in their lives.

// Digestive disorders – emotionally and energetically, digestive disorders typically relate to your ability to nourish yourself and digest life. Reciprocity, your ability to give and receive equally, are important aspects of digestive disorders. And, as your enteric nervous system resides within your digestive system (local to your Solar Plexus Chakra), your thought patterns will also reflect your ability to be in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of life, and also your sense of authentic power, worth and trust in life.

// Breaking old cycles and habits – they may appear as addictions and behavioural patterns that no longer support your life. This may require a shift and tidying up of personal boundaries, and recognition of how to nourish yourself and your life in more empowering ways.


Practices I Work With During Your Session

// Shamanic, Elemental and Earth Centred Practices

// Soul Retrieval and Embodiment

// Munai-Ki Transmission Rites

// Light Codes and Sacred Geometry

// Nun Karma Re-Patterning Process

// Ancestral lineage healing

// Muscle monitoring

// Chakra and Meridian healing + healing of core patterns and imprints within those energy centres

// Acupressure

// Visualisation

// Conscious Breathing Practices

// Flower Essences and aromatherapy

// Vibrational therapies, such as crystals, colour and sound: hoop drum, rattle, tibetan bowls etc.


Once your healing session is complete, we’ll have a chat about what you can do in the days following your session, to support your body through the integration and healing process.


What You Can Expect During Your Balance

During your balance, gentle pressure is applied to various muscles within your body in order to receive feedback.

The muscular response provides information about your stress patterns and this, along with intuitive guidance, helps me create a valuable picture of information which I work with to bring you into alignment.

From this perspective, your healing is guided in a way that is specific and unique to your development and personal growth.

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Book Your Session

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Please note: the amount of sessions you require will depend on the level of support you need. We’ll discuss this at the end of each session.


My Knowledge & Experience Includes:

Reiki 1 and 2: Melbourne, 2009

Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology): Melbourne, 2010

Shamanic Initiation Ceremonies: Mexico, 2015, and Melbourne (on-going)

Light Codes and Sacred Geometry: Melbourne and Mexico, 2015

9 Rites of The Munay-Ki: Melbourne, 2015

13th Rite of The Munay-Ki: Melbourne, 2016

Ghost-Writer for a on-line wellness magazine: 2016 (on-going)

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