Creating Gold with Renee Longworth: Geomancer & Feng Shui Shape Shifter

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Today I’m chatting with Renee Longworth, Feng Shui Consultant and Geomancer from as part of the interview series Creating Gold: Soulful Stories of Visionaries Living Their Best Life.

So, chances are you’ve heard of Feng Shui right? Though do you know how to bring the practice into your spaces so that you reap the benefits?

As Renee shares with us in our chat “there’s so much crap out there about Feng Shui, so I just wanted to set the record straight” – and that’s exactly what’s happening during her 365 Days of Feng Shui (more on that further along).

And have you heard a thing or two about Geomancy? When I heard the word a couple of years ago, I must admit, I was fascinated down to my toes.

Geomancy (as defined by Renee) is a sacred and practical method of balancing and harmonising the dynamic interaction we have with our land and earth.

Pretty cool huh?

I’m always up for a conversation around our immediate environment and how it impacts our state of being and wellness, so it might go without saying that I loved this conversation!

Renee’ tells it straight, and opens up a topic that can feel potentially out of reach, practical and accessible – while still reveling in the magic of it all.

In this chat we also cover:

  • How Renee followed the sign posts to find her current passion
  • The play between our environment and the internal aspects of ourselves
  • How Feng Shui and Geomancy can positively impact your life in super practical ways + tips on where to begin
  • Balancing work/family/self (as Renee says “it’s a wild ride!”)
  • The best advice Renee has ever received. It’s grounded, honest and I’m sure we could all use a dose of this every now and again!

Ready to dive in? Read on! On the go and don’t have time to read? Scroll to the end of the post and listen to the full interview via the audio player. 


Welcome Renee!

Hi, how are you going?

Good thank you. Thank you so much for being a part of this. So lets dive right into shall we? 

Yeah sure.

So lets open up by sharing a little bit about who you are and what you do, so we can get to know you better.

Ok – so, I’m a Feng Shui consultant with an extensive background in energy work, and I also am a meditation facilitator, geomancer, space clearer; so it’s along the lines of energy healing.

It’s not only within yourself and your own challenges that you may be coming across, but it’s also within your environment, and working with where you are.

It’s really interesting, because our homes and our buildings are merely a reflection of us, so the way we interact with our environment is how we nourish ourselves. I just love it!

Absolutely – I’m a big believer of that too, that our environment is a reflection of us. It can be such a beautiful relationship between our internal and external selves, with what we surround ourselves with filtering internally, and vice versa.

Do you think that the relationship starts from within first – and then it’s expressed externally, or do you think that there’s a bit of a rhythmic relationship happening? 

I think there’s a definite play between both. And a lot of it is subconscious as well.

So yes, it does reflect what is going on internally, but you know, you can also respond to what’s in your environment as well.

So you may be a highly positive person, and then you’re put into an environment of other people, or of a very high stressed geopathic area, and your positivity can actually plummet purely by being in a toxic environment.

So you may need to use your resources to build yourself up more so in an environment like that.

And there’s a definite play.

So, I’d love to dive into this a little bit more, but before we do, can you share with us how you actually got to this place. What was going on before all of this (being in this field of work)?

Ok – it’s been a long journey actually, it’s not just been “I might go and do Feng Shui” it wasn’t anything like that.

Ever since I was a child I’ve always had unexplained experiences, spirit connection, that whole ‘in between the veils’ of what’s seen and unseen, and it was never explained to me. I only just perceived them as spirits and it used to scare the bejeezus out of me!

And it wasn’t just from my childhood – this went on throughout my 20’s 30’s, so I always had that going on in the background.

I’ve also done a bit of eclectic work, restored antique furniture for a living, I worked in the disability sector, the health food sector.

It wasn’t until I came out of a very toxic relationship, where I was totally lost – I did not know myself, really at all – and once I was out of that relationship, I’ve just gone ‘I want to do what I want to do now. I’ve been told what I should be doing for x amount of years, now I really just want to get right into it’.

So I went and did my energetic healing diploma…

Had that been something you’d wanted to do for awhile?

I didn’t even know it existed!

I was in the health food industry, and I thought I’d study to become a naturopath, because alternative health was naturopathy at that stage.

It wasn’t until I’d met someone who was actually studying in that, that I realised, there’s a course that teaches you this!

So, I started doing that and it took about three years. That three years was like my spiritual teacher. I did a lot of healing and clearing through that course. And then I went to practice.

So, I practiced for about 4 years and through that whole time I met my partner, had children and then I decided – wow, the next step – open my own clinic. So I did that, and everything went downhill.

I noticed that it didn’t mater what I did, my business just kept on getting worse and worse and I noticed every time I went to the clinic – even though it looked beautiful (it was my space and I loved what I did to that space) every time I went there I started to get quite low and depressed and a little bit paranoid.

There were these negative relationships going on – with the business owners beside me, and the history of the previous tenants – and I just couldn’t explain what was going on. So I started looking into Feng Shui, being all energy, and I just got more confused.

The more books I read about Feng Shui, the more confused I got. So, I just went – nope, I need to go along this line and found this amazing course (in Feng Shui) and so went ahead and studied it – and I found out the reason why my business was all going downhill!

I ended up closing that before I found out, but I was able to do all the charts for it and it explained everything to me, so, that’s where I am now.

Wow – that’s pretty amazing! So tell us: you’ve obviously done a lot and experienced a lot. Have there been particular beliefs that you’ve really had to change or hone, in order to help you transition through all of those stages? 

It’s the belief in self – and trusting. Trust is a big thing. Especially with energy work. It’s just so in-tangible some times, and you can get a little bit nutso!

And you’ve just got to go with it!

It’s just trusting, and going ok, I’ve received this information from wherever, and to be brave enough to say it out loud. To your client, or to whatever else is going on. And then that opens up another door, and wow that’s so exciting!

So it’s really trust and knowing that you’re ok.

Yeah, it’s almost the willingness just to explore and be playful with it a little bit, and going – I wonder what’s going to happen. You’re just playing and exploring in different areas aren’t you? 

Yeah, definitely.

So, for people who might be listening to this who have never really come in contact with esoteric or spiritual ways of being, or interacting with their spaces (which are so multi-layered) – how would you suggest people to step into that realm and begin exploring? 

Meditation is a great great tool to use. Even if you’ve never meditated before – you probably have. 

There’s so many different forms of meditation aren’t there?

Yeah, you can even meditate while washing the dishes.

So through meditation, would people then get an idea of what their spaces would need? Or is meditation more for personal connection? Or both?

Both. It depends on where you want to take it, and as you said, our spaces are so multi-layered and leveled. If I’m feeling stuck, if I’m sitting at this computer and I need to get my business sorted and nothing’s happening, I get up and start cleaning my house.

I start shifting things in my environment, because I know that something (because it’s all energy and all reflecting me and my family) is creating stagnation or helping to enhance my own energy.

So I start clearing stuff – and usually, just with that practical motion, it starts to shift something inside me. So you can do it very practically. And that’s why I love Feng Shui because people can find it very confronting to go – right, let’s talk about your childhood, or let’s go into this section of your life that wasn’t happy – and that’s quite confronting.

But when you’re working in your environment, it’s tangible and you can see it and you can feel it. So you can work with your environment in that way.

With meditation, just take it as it comes. Allow whatever it need to be, to be. Whatever message or thoughts or pictures that might be coming, just go “oh, that’s interesting” and connect in with your space.

Yeah, be the observer.

Yeah, exactly and as I said earlier, everything is energy, so when you take what you love, or every time we see something we love in our space, it lifts your spirits and helps to raise your vibration and your happiness.

Yes, and then that reflects in your whole life, because there’s that thing: when you make a shift in one area, it doesn’t just change that area of your life, there’s a beautiful ripple effect into other areas.

And it’s the same with the house – what rooms aren’t being used? Why aren’t they being used? Is that a reflection of that aspect of your life that you’re not activating? It can become really interesting…

Yeah – absolutely! By the sounds of it, we could go quite deeply into this, though I do want to ask you about having children, also having your business, and then having your own life as well. 

I come in contact with people who become stumped when they have children, feeling like they need to make a choice between nurturing children and family – and still nurturing that part of themselves that needs to be expressed and deserves nurturing.

How do you find the juggle?

It’s a constant practice. You have to constantly try to fit the balance in.

For me at the moment, I know that I’m not completely balanced within all areas of my life. I’m working a lot at the moment. But that’s ok. I know that I’m doing that to a point, and then I’ll bring my balance in.

With kids – oh, they’re such our teachers. They’re gorgeous, and frustrating and beautiful, and it’s just taking that breather and going ‘ok – I’ve got to be present now to them’ and allowing your business or whatever’s going on for you, to be put to the side. It’s ok, it’ll still be there when you come back.

So is it about letting go of the control of deadlines and needing to have things done a particular way and by a certain time? Surrendering and going with the flow?

Yeah, for me personally yes, definitely.

I have to pull myself up and I have to say to myself  ‘ok – you’re spending way too much time doing’ on things I feel I have to do, but I’m the only one that’s put myself into that position in the first place.

So it’s constant checking in.

And sometimes, I believe that’s where the balance comes. I don’t think that you can give equal percentages to the areas of your life, over a day or a week. You invest more so in a particular area, and when the time’s right, you pull back and invest into other areas of your life. So that’s where the balancing act comes in, over a period of time. 

Yeah, I find it very hard to do it on a day to day basis.

Over the Christmas break, I consciously stood back from my business as my time with the kids and time to slow down.

Now though I’m back, in my business and focused.

Even so though, I have to make sure I’m going to bed! I know when I get my head stuck into things, it’ll just keep coming until I get it out, so knowing how you personally work is important.

Absolutely. So, is there something that you do day-to-day for self-care?

I’m eating quite well, whereas previously, I’ve gone through times where I’ve been so tired and with the kids, that I wasn’t eating well, so now I’m taking the time to eat well and it’s now become a very good habit.

I meditate. I always ask for guidance, at least once or twice a day. My nurturing for me, is to sit down light incense, go round and bless the home, play my crystal bowls, set the intention and sit with my guides. I ask, what do I need to do today? Or, is there something I need to work with today?

I love what you said earlier too – that if things aren’t working, you’ll take a step back, go around and clean to shift the energy of your home, and I think that’s such an important message that we don’t just keep on pushing through until the answers come. 

I’ve actually been doing a lot more of this (taking a step back) myself, and I always come back with a lot more inspiration, energy and ideas to funnel into whatever I’m doing. So, this is also an act of self-care. 

I find when you do that, you’re discharging that energy that’s being stuck and you’re starting to make it more flexible again for the energy to flow. 

So, what is coming up next for you?

Well at the moment, I’m doing 365 Days of Feng Shui!

That’s ambitious! 

It’s very ambitious. I’ve got a bit of a backlog of information, so that’s going on for the next year, as a constant on going thing.

I’ll also be doing on-line programs and more e-books. I’m honing at the moment. It’s taken awhile for myself to paint my picture, and it’s only just becoming clear exactly where my work is taking me.

How are you actually honing your vision? I find it’s such an evolving process.

I get a lot of (intuitive) information and lot’s of shiny objects and new ideas. I’ve learned to sit back from all the ideas coming in, and see what sticks. It’ll just keep coming back – and I’ll know this is my direction. It’s not going away, so it has to mean something for me.

Also, it’s allowing things to unfold. I’ve wanted to push – and it’s just a process. For me personally, it’s been a bit of a long process and that’s ok because I just find the longer it’s taking, the deeper I’m getting as well.

I’m also going into my fears and personal blocks. Even though I knew that’s how I work, one on one with clients, it’s only just dawned on me that that’s where I need to take my business.

So, all the blocks I’ve had within my business, that I’ve had personally, will now be what I’m actually assisting people with. It’s not to say that I’ve completely healed these blocks within my business, but I’ve got the experience and information, using all the tools that I have, to assist others that are also having those blocks.

What stopped you from saying – I’m done. I’m going to go and get a normal job? Going into those fears and blocks can be challenging! What’s been your best attribute to keep you going? 

Persistence and the fact that I can’t possibly – my brain will not allow me to – think of doing anything different.

It’s just me! I have to do this. And it’s gonna take me on a bit of a wild ride, but far out, I can’t imagine myself in that realm anymore – this is my realm.

There’s no other direction for me. I cannot see it.

That’s a great point you make. Underneath the shiny ideas, initial inspiration and bursts of motivation that we get, (which really only lasts for a certain amount of time) there’s the work that goes into manifesting your vision. 

Yeah, it’s certainly a wild ride!

So, if people want to join you on 365 Days of Feng Shui, can they still get on board? 

Yeah, I’ve put everything up on my blog – so I’m blogging every day which is just nutso! I also instagram it and it’s on my facebook page. So you can go to the backlog and have a look.

Basically, with this project, I just want to cut out the crap about Feng Shui.

There’s all of this information that you’ve got to buy these little figurines and put things here and there – and, no no – that’s not Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is about the energetics of your home and creating a sacred environment for you and your family. Houses talk to you.

I wanted to round up the interview by asking: what’s the best advice you’ve ever received, and what advice would you offer others that are following an unconventional path? 

The best advice I’ve received is from my partner actually. Whenever I have had self-doubts about what the hell am I doing, why isn’t this working… his main thing is ‘just put your head down and keep on going’.

Stop with all the shiny objects, stop with all the comparisons and just do what you do and just keep going.

Having someone like that, that can say – no no, you’re going off track – it’s wonderful.

So, if it’s not your partner, having someone else who can keep you on track and be honest with you, is a handy person to have around!

Yeah, and to tell us to stop wallowing in our own stuff!

What I’d say to others, is that everything is ok.

In the big picture of whatever you want to call failure – I don’t like that word because I don’t believe in any failures – but don’t be in fear of the failure, because it’s all ok.

You’re going to pull some nuggets of gold out of those failures, and that’s where you transform to push yourself up. 

It’s ok.

I love that advice, I really do.


About Renee Longworth

Renee Longworth

Renée is passionate about empowering women and families by assisting them to shift into positive change. Renée is a qualified Feng Shui consultant, Geomancer, Energetic Healing practitioner and meditation facilitator. She is also a mum of two very active boys and a partner of an artist.

‘I have a knack for uncovering your negative patterns, that have been holding you back and stopping you moving forward in your career and within your family unit. I guide you through different methods to clear these so you can reach your highest potential.’

I love working with female entrepreneurs, helping them highlight ways they can improve and enhance their environment in order to support their business and create harmony and abundance. I am also honoured to be able to work with families who are going through transitions like blended families, settling in new locations and/or grief and trauma and assist with helping them heal as a unit and create a home they can all truly flourish in.’



A great big thank you to Renee for sharing so much beautiful wisdom and insight – I know I personally got so much out of our chat, and I hope you did too.

Now, before you move on, I’d love to know: what was your biggest take-away from Renee’s interview and, what will you do now to Create Gold in your own life? 

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Much love and soul wellness,

Melissa xx

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