Graduate Survival Guide (eBook)

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The Graduate Survival Guide eBook

  • How do you turn your incredible knowledge, wisdom, desire and passion for helping people, into a stable viable business which sustains the life you want?
  • You’ve been dreaming of living an inspired life as a Kinesiologist or wellness expert for awhile now, though how do you keep the dream alive when challenges keep cropping up?
  • How do you step out there into the world and become your vision?

The truth is, the first 12 months are filled with stumbling blocks, especially as the path forward is often a lonely one, filled with the unknown.

This Graduate Survival Guide eBook is tool-kit of all things I learned in my first year of practice, going literally straight from the classroom and into my very own clinic space in Melbourne’s CBD.

And I’ve written it in an effort to help ease your journey as a new practitioner in the world.

This e-book is filled with:

  • Golden snippets of wisdom I’ve attained outside of the classroom, as well as tips and tools acquired along the way.
  • Notes about and solutions to, the most common challenges I’ve faced, so you don’t have to make them as well.
  • Stories of the successful and not so successful attempts I’ve made to get myself out there in the world as a Kinesiologist.
  • You’ll find specific questions to help hone your focus, and sharpen your perspective on what you need to do to take your first steps out into practice.
  • You’ll also receive a list of the top 13 reads on my bookshelf that have illuminated my world, plus a list of on-line resources I’ve personally worked with, to help navigate your way forward.

All of this for only $24.95

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