These conversation-style interviews are with people I’m personally inspired by and proud of.

They’ve become teachers and friends, and each has powerful messages to share.

I hope you enjoy these conversations.

May they inspire the spark of aliveness within you.


Unravelling Yin Yoga – with Erika Newberry, founder of Change With Yoga

– Creating Healthy Harmonious Friendships Amongst Women – with Sara Brooke of The Space In Between.

– “We Are Creatrixes By Design.” – interview with Fiorella Kis-Major, creator of The Nourishing Goddess.


Creating Gold Interviews

Creating Gold: Soulful Stories of Visionaries Living Their Best Life is an interview series, for creatives and visionaries, who desire to live a unique life made manifest in alignment with their dreams.

These interviews have been born from a love of sharing stories, celebrating the human experience, and inspiring others to rise in conscious action, for the desires of their heart.

They’ve been designed to raise awareness around what it means to truly own and live your passion and purpose + what it takes to keep putting one foot in front of the other, until your visions are manifest in the world.

It’s my hope that these stories simultaneously uplift self-belief, fuel the fire of your soul, and serve to dispel myths around living a life aligned with your passions.

During these conversations, we talk about what makes these visionaries tick, fuels their souls-fire, grounds them in self belief, and nourishes their core.

We talk inspiration, vision, limiting belief busting, journeying to the point they’re at now (+ where they’re going next), their master plans (or lack of) and self-care rituals.

These are honest conversations around trust, knowing beyond logical reason, the ebb and flow of change, finding their unique flare and the support of community that surrounds them.

They’re with people I respect, adore and am personally inspired by. I’m so deeply honored to bring these conversations to you. 


Series One

Creating Gold with Elizabeth McKenzie – Writer behind Your Highest Self

Creating Gold with Kate McGregor – Stylist + Advisor behind Couture Coaching

Creating Gold with Adele McConnell – Author, Plant Based Food Expert and Creator of Veggie Head

Creating Gold with Michelle Marie McGrath – Self-Love Mentor and Creator of Sacred Self.

Creating Gold with Brianna Hall – Photographer, Artist and Creator of Creative Static Studios.

Creating Gold with Alli Metcalfe – Naturopath and Owner of  For The Love of Tea

Creating Gold with Tamara Anne Hogan – Artist, Author and Creator of  Mary Bea Living


Series Two

Creating Gold with Rachel MacDonald: Life + Blog Coach with a heart of gold

Creating Gold with Dani Angel: Scented Alchemist and Queen of Presence

Creating Gold with Sara Brooke: Meditation Maven and Light Filled Luminary

Creating Gold with Elise Bradfield: Happiness Ambassador + Author of “I Wish You Happiness”

Creating Gold with Renee Longworth: Feng Shui Healer and Mystical Mamma

Creating Gold with Alison Smith: Wellness Junkie on a Heart-Fueled Mission

Creating Gold with Vari Longmuir: Graphic Designer and Creative Freelancer

Creating Gold with Jo Kilma: Creator of Maps to Herself + The Darling Tree

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