Soul Wellness with Melissa Farrugia

Praise & Gratitude

a few things my beautiful clients have to say about working with me

“Feeling a million times better after my awesome kinesiology session with Mel this afternoon. So much lighter and clearer! The mental and emotional fog has lifted. Woot!”

– Sara Brooke, The Space In Between

“Leading up to my sessions with Mel I had been doing a lot of my own healing work but was still feeling exhausted, stuck in old patterns, and frustrated. Acknowledging that I needed some outside help, I reached out to Mel for guidance – a decision that changed my life in miraculous ways. Mel uses her keen sense of intuition and skill to get right to the root of your issues while lovingly guiding you through releasing them. Thank you, Mel, for holding the space that you do.”

– Rachel Bjorson

“Thank you so much for all of the amazing kinesiology sessions we’ve had. Last night we really achieved something that I’ve been praying for, and I’ve come so far since the day we met. You are a beautiful soul, and I am incredibly grateful that I’ve got you on my team. Love you to bits xx”

– Angie Fraser-Parle

“Since having balances with Mel, I definitely listen to my body and intuition more.  It’s also helped to cement my belief and trust in the Universe, and to not worry so much about things, as they will work out the way they are supposed to. I have made so much progress in my connection to self and as a result everything in my life has changed for the better.”

– Cecilia Gardiner,

“Melissa is intuitive, confident, very clear & concise in the information she gives. She’s amazingly wise and her passion and dedication to her work is palpable. After 20 years of feeling lost, confused and out of step with life, I finally feel like I’m coming home to myself.”

– Paula Bennett

“Before my sessions with Mel, I was extremely anxious, emotionally & mentally drained. The internal shifts I experienced were incredible. Clarity, inner peace & no more anxiety. I walked away feeling grounded and just like my old self again.”

– Kate McGregor

  • Sara Brooke, The Space In Between
  • Rachel Bjorson, Energy Healer and Intuitive Soul Coach
  • Angie Fraser-Parle
  • Cecilia Gardiner – Artist
  • Paula Bennett
  • Kate McGregor
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